The direction result is not expected

Here is the unexpected direction. I’m wondering the reason for this result. Thank you for the amazing project! :smiley:


the path of the expected route was only added 16 days ago.
I’d assume, that our planet.pbf-file has not been updated in this period. This can happen, although we’re aiming to have all changes incorporated in 14 days.

The file should be updated within a short time, and the expected route should be usable.

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Hi @jschnell , I got it and thank you for your reply. Please let me know if data is updated for this route.

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just to give a quick update on the situation:
There has been an error with the hiking profile, and it is still using the data from over a month ago.
We’re currently updating it, so it should be ready tomorrow or the day after, but no guarantees.
Note that the walking-profile does find the correct route :smiley:

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Hi @jschnell, I’m truly appreciate your updates. :smiley: