Support of the Key:turn?

When a route starts / ends at a point near the middle of a two-way road represented with a single OSM way the router should choose a legal direction to start / approach the point. My guess the Key:turn should be taken into account. Does openrouteservice look at this key to choose the legal direction? Does openrouteservice do it some other way?

Hi @Serg9,
sorry but this is not very comprehensible. Could you please add a request that isn’t working as expected and elaborate a bit more on the issue? A screenshot of the problem would also be nice.

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The Mapillary link shows the real road.
Note double white line separating opposing traffic flows. It is illegal to cross a continuous solid white line, so a vehicle starting any route at this point MUST go forward along the camera view.
The road is modeledin OSM with a single way, 2 forward lanes and 2 backward lanes.
Openrouteservice builds a route suggesting a vehicle starts in the direction opposite to the above the camera view, so it first crosses the continuous solid white line which is illegal.
Is there any OSM key to add to the road in question which Openrouteservice will treat as legal restriction to start the route this way? Something like Key:turn( I thing it is not suitable here because it is designed for driving advices when approaching a cross road or junction).