Suggestion: Returning progress information in /status

Right now I’m having the problem that I started openrouteservice with a rather large dataset via Docker and the health route seems to be stuck in “not ready”. However, I’m not sure if there was an error I need to handle manually or if ors is still processing the dataset. I tried to investigate by having a look at all available logs, everything seems to be fine but CPU of my server is quite idle (~1-2%) and it just appears that nothing is happening.

From a UX perspective, it would be very helpful when /health or /status returned some more information what is going on and if there was an error that needs handled manually. Maybe an additional status and some progress information would be nice:

    "status": "initializing",
    "progress": 0.32

Don’t know if thats technically feasible and/or useful for other users.

Hi @Jaszkowic,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
For feature request to the ors api backend please create an issue in our backend repository.

Best regards