Statements on data timeliness and update cycles of ORS in Hamburg

I work in the public sector of the city of Hamburg. There are considerations to make the ORS usable and accessible to the public as a service in our geoportals. A fundamental issue is data timeliness, especially for dynamic city like Hamburg. I understand that ORS uses a processed edge-node model of OSM data. Thus a secondary dataset.
Unfortunately, I have not found any further information on update cycles. But I found statements from 2018 and 2019. Is it still correct that it takes about 4 weeks from OSM to ORS?

Hi @elbphilharmony,

our graphs are currently updated once a week (monday morning).
With build time considered it takes 1-2 weeks until OSM data changes are reflected in the graph.
Best regards

Thank you for the clarification. Out of curiosity, does this statement apply specifically to Hamburg or worldwide?

Hi @elbphilharmony,

that is for the global graphs. How it works is that every week we pull the full planet data for OpenStreetMap and then use that to build the graphs used for our routing API. The same data is used for all the profiles. Normally the data is pulled on a Saturday, and then the graphs are built during the week and then published to our live servers on the Monday (9 days after the data is downloaded).