Setup with Docker

Hello Guys,

i am new to Ubuntu, Docker and ORS and i’ve got big problems with the setup. The documentation on GitHub doesn’t tell me what to do after installing docker and the ORS Image with
docker pull giscience/openrouteservice
i tried
docker pull openrouteservice/openrouteservice
too, but i dont know how to go on.
Where i need to swap the Heidelberg Data with my own?
How i can fire a local request??

For Newbies like me, its very hard to understand what to do. I would love a Tutorial (-Video) for setting up the service local.
When i do
docker run imageID
it just stop after 68 seconds and i cant work with the shell anymore. Looks like its still working…
And im still waiting for finish after half an hour.
I dont know what to do…
Any help?

There are a number of instructions in our GitHub that guide you through the process of running in docker and changing osm files:

It is generally better to install with docker-compose as that makes the process of creating volumes and such much easier. And then once it is up and running you request as you would with the public api, but rather than using (for example) you would use http://localhost:8080/ors/v2/directions

Thanks for your fast answer. I will try and i hope it will work :slight_smile: