Route not calculated as expected



I don’t know if the following is my fault, an unexpected behavior of the routes caluclating or it is only a matter of time…

I have updated the openstreet maps in order to add to a certain stretch of an autoroute the possibility to be used by bikes. I have done it a week ago:

Today, I have calculate a route for a bike in openrouteservice between two points to check if the changes have been done properly. I see that the route is not calculated as expected. This is the URL of the route:,-2.852948,42.96363,-2.864277&b=1a&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km&s

Swapping between car and bike is different when it should be the same.

any idea?

thanks in advance.


Hi @forzasec,

It will still take some time for the changes to be reflected in the graph (~ 2 Weeks).

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Almost a month and no change on the behavior.

What I have done wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @forzasec

Sorry to hear that. The graph was build 24th of January so it should be in the osm data we used but.

I just looked at the underlying way object and it is of type highway=motorway_link.
It’s quite possible that this way type is removed in the preprocessing from the cycling graph as highways are normally prohibited for bikes.

But maybe @adam , @taki or @HendrikLeuschner can clarify this.

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your comment about the section marked as highway-motorway, you have to notice that it is also marked that it is allowed to be used by bikes. Is this not enought?

Thanks in advance.



judging from the code alone, this way should be included as (as you noticed) it is tagged as bicycle=yes. This effectively overwrites the motorway_link. I think the problem might be that the road is a oneway and the part before it is not set as being accessible by bikes, which might lead to the first one being removed. Not 100% sure, though.