Required accessibility information by the Open Route Service

The issue I came across with, is that even though I made some wheelchair accessible routes mainly sidewalks with wheelchair tag in the open street map, there was an (error 2010: Cannot find point 0, Cannot find point 1) in your webpage maps.
The location is 37.443846, 24.943256 Hermoupolis Syros Greece

Hi @konstantinos019 - I have had a look and it seems there was an issue last time that we built the graphs used for routing with the wheelchair profile in that some areas with low numbers of pedestrianised streets were removed by the automatic builder. Hopefully they should appear the next time we update the graphs which should be in the next few days.


Hello Adam,

Thanks for your answer, so far nothing has changed and the problem persists, is the update already online or should i wait a few more days?


The update is ongoing as we speak (building the graphs for each profile takes around 2-3 days and we have to rebuild all of them sequentially) but hopefully it should be up by the end of the week.