Reach a destination via multiple locations

I am making a project for a competition , it is based on making ambulance services faster and automated I need user location which is solved via What 3 words and I need the ambulance to reach the users destination also solved through ORS but then i need to get the patient to the nearest hospital and i am not able to solve this problem . can anybody help me ?I basically need a route to a hospital with a stop at the user’s location

i am using python for the project
i need to complete this within 5 days

Hi @Om_Nirmalkar,

to get the nearest hospital you do a matrix call with the users location as source and some coordinates of the coordinates of hospitals as destinations.
You can then choose the one with the least time or distance.

In some cases the closest is not the one you can get to fastest or not suitable in case of special injuries.
Also ORS doesn’t consider traffic when using the live API.

Best regards