Query fails with coordinates list (>2)

It seams that in 5.0 release, the request with a list of coordinates does not work:

api_key 123456
coordinates 1.879328,49.126944
profile cycling-road
geometry true
units km
language fr
preference fastest
options[optionsRte] “avoid_features”:+"highways
geometry_format polyline
instructions false
geometry_simplify true
elevation true
attributes avgspeed


message You cannot change an immutable PointList
info {…}
engine {…}
version 5.0
build_date 2019-03-11T11:00:43Z
timestamp 1552396050290

Obviously, it works fine with 2 points.

@christiler can you please provide a working cURL request?

Hi @christiler - this is something we are aware of and the error message will be updated in the next couple of days (see this github issue). It is not possible to use the simplify geometry parameter on routes that have more than one segment due to restrictions in the GraphHopper library core code.