Problems with generating directions for long tour

I’ve noticed problem with generating directions using api for points that will create tour longer than 150km.
What I get is:
{“error”:{“code”:2004,“message”:“Request parameters exceed the server configuration limits. With these options, the approximated route distance must not be greater than 150000.0 meters.”},“info”:{“engine”:{“version”:“6.0.0”,“build_date”:“2020-01-16T13:56:21Z”},“timestamp”:1580417169589}}

Can I do anything to modify this?


Hi arkadiush,

you could use docker to install your local ors server on your system, if you want to install it without docker you might use tomcat [see installation ] ( With your local ors server you can play around with the server settings in the app.config file. In your case you need to change the maximum_distance parameter.