OSM data used is roughly 3 month old

For a request submitted today to

the following metadata for “build_date” and “graph_date” is returned


“build_date” is roughly the date from the OSM dump (planet download date + preprocessing) and “graph_date” ist the date, when the graph was built from that OSM dump, right?

So this would mean, that the OSM data used is roughly 3 month old.

According to

this is unexpected. Are there currently any problems getting new OSM data in?


no, this is not the case.
This is what the API docs for the respones will tell you:

  • build_date
    The date that the service was last updated

  • graph_date
    The date that the graph data was last updated

The build date corresponds to the date the code running was last updated, not the date of the osm dump.
The graph date corresponds to the date the graph data was last updated, IIRC that should be the date the graphs finished building.

In this case, that would mean that the osm data is roughly two weeks old, as is to be expected.

Feel free to open an issue if you feel that any other date should be returned.

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Hey, thanks for the clarification and the useful service!

Found the whole response description on:

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