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I am maybe trying to solve kind of an edge-case here: Build a quick navigation for my agricultural-vehicle. Driving to distance places implies that certain roads can’t be used by agricultural-vehicle because they are too slow and / or not allowed there (DE).

If possible I would like to calculate a route considering those limitations. The OpenStreetMap-Wiki seem to offer certain ways to archive that:

Unfortunately I am a bit lost on how to implement that in terms of the openrouteservice-API within the API Playground (Dircetions),

Maybe someone could provide me with an example on how to do this on the API-Playground?
Is what I am trying todo here even possible?

Hi @Hela,

there is a dedicated agricultural profile in our api.
You have to set the profile to driving-hgv and then choose agricultural within options.vehicle_type or just set the body like this if you are using the api directly


I’m not sure to what extent it will respect the agricultural tags though, as it is a rarely used profile and therefore does not get much feedback.

Best regards

Hi @amandus,
thanks for you reply - this is exactly what I did in the first place. Unfortunately the profile does not reflect those restrictions. Let me show you an example:,9.711618,50.51916,9.681722&b=4d&c=0&k1=en-US&k2=km

At a certain point there is an restriction in place shortly after the parking area behind “Rothemann”, which forbirds the use of agricultural-vehicle on B279 (so you have to leave through the parking area at that point). The exact point would be:

The Ristriction in place here is called “Kraftfahrtstraße” in Germany (traffic_sign=DE:331.1).

Due to my limited knowledge regarding OpenStreetMaps I am not sure if this limitation is even part of the map-material?

The given road is properly tagged in OSM with motorroad=yes, see However, it seems that the logic to restrict agricultural vehicles on these type of roads is missing in our backend. Feel free to file an issue.