Multiple addresses not found


On I am looking up the following addresses:

  • Unten zum Holz 24, Solingen
  • Untere Holzstraße 4, Solingen
  • Hauptstraße 31a, Mörlenbach
  • Käfertaler Straße 193, Mannheim

And getting no results.

I thought this might be a problem of the opengeocoder (since the directions api only takes coordinates I thought the addresses are run through the geocoder first) but /geocode/search correctly returns a result for “Untere Holzstraße 4, Solingen” (but not for the other addresses).

Looking up these addresses on pelias or gives perfect results, so I am not quite sure what data the openrouteservice is based on.


pelias being (but I was only allowed to post 2 URLs)


We do use Pelias. It’s not that secret:)

On the page we use /autocomplete, not /search. We actually just changed it recently. And you’re right, autocomplete doesn’t find it, neither on’s demo. Reason might be that autocomplete doesn’t check for exact addresses. I wasn’t really aware of that until recently though. However, we should maybe think about having a different mechanism to trigger a call to /search @amandus, what do you think? E.g. when the user presses enter it will request /search with the “final” input?

In any case, even with /search those addresses are not really found either on our servers. Just checked our instance and yep: 2 ES nodes crashed irrevocably (for me anyways…). It was just importing new global data and something happened to destroy 2 nodes. Cross fingers it’ll go smoothly this time, then it’s back up to speed and will likely find the above addresses over /search.


Hi @Enkrod,

finally Pelias is fully upgraded and updated. /autocomplete still has issues for the first address you posted, but that might be due to missing support of interpolation:

Don’t think that was fixed yet, at least I couldn’t quickly find any mention of that…