Isochrones not matching with Directions


I’m working on a project regarding electric vehicles and I use Isochrones to estimate the reach of said vehicle however when I use the Directions endpoint the distances do not match.

Here is an example:


If I select the Wiesloch-Walldorf station (8.66442,49.2913077), that is clearly within both ischrones and use it as my destination in the Directions endpoint like this:


I get a response with a summary of “distance”= 22438. How can the destination be within 17 km and the route have a distance of 22km?

I’ve already confirmed that both are using the driving-car profile

Thank you very much.

Because the isochrones are using the shortest route, but the directions are not. Try your directions request again with preference:shortest (recommended is default). You’ll most likely see a more similar distance.


Thank you very much! I’ve now changed and everything is working :slight_smile: