Isochrones fire / rescue

Hello everybody,
could you install the following for the isochron calculation:

  • Avoidance of bridges (payload <10t)
  • avoiding railway crossing
  • Use of rescue service vehicles (they may drive over red)
    I would like to have rides on fire trucks and ambulance vehicles calculated to improve people’s safety

Thank for the effort

Dear Rainer,

for the time being the ORS routing engine doesn’t take into account the information about railway crossings, nor traffic lights. We might consider adding these features at some point, however, I cannot give you any time estimate on this. Even though we also don’t provide a way to specifically filter out bridges, you can use a general HGV weight restriction to avoid driving on weight-restricted roads.

Hope this helps.

Hi @peranom,

in fact we handed in a project proposal for exactly that: routing firetrucks and ambulances more or less compliantly (as much as OSM allows it, missing tags and all). But to set expectations: it’s just a proposal so far, work would start early next year and stretch over 2-3 years. It’s unfortunately a bigger job.

Hi Nils,

How is the status on your proposal? I work at the fire department and doing some experiments with coverage problems. It would be nice to have a fire truck profile.

best regards,


Unfortunately that organization declined our proposal. But I’m sure at some point we’ll look into this again.

Hi Nils,

Tnx! Too bad. Is there anything to share to see what kind of topics where considered? That would help us with evaluating the pro’s and cons’s of the direction of openroute service.