Is there a way to get more geojson information from OpenRouteService about the road?

I get a direction geojson from point A to point B via OpenRouteService GET API.
Is there a way to get more information about the road step besides distance, duration, instruction, name, type? For ex. maximum car speed limit(ex. 100) and/or road type (ex. motorway)?

I am trying to do a gps type app and I would like to show speed limit signs when on a particular step. Is this possible with openrouteservice?

Ex. my request looks like this:{}&start={},{}&end={},{}”


there is some extra info that can be added to the route segments including the road type, but information regarding speed limits is not possible as we do not directly store that information.

On the interactive docs page there is an option called extra_info that you can use to get some of this data, but be aware that the data that is returned isn’t a clear text value, but instead an id that needs to be mapped to the value which can be found at Also be aware that not all of the extra_info values are applicable to all of the profiles.

We use OSM data as the base for the road network, so one possibility would be to use OSM as a source for things like speed limit signs,



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