Is there a way to create a route online and export it with map for offline use?

Hey, i just found out about openrouteservice.

I would like to highlight a route between cities on openrouteservice map, than download this route information and the map with it for use in offline mobile environment.

Or just export the route information? Then i would later add i to an openstreetmap tiles.

Is it possible?

You can download (export) the route from the maps client as geojson, gpx, kml etc. which can then normally be loaded into any other maps interface (the export button is located next to the route summary information when a route is generated).

The base map itself is not something we provide a download functionality for as that is from an external source (e.g. OpenStreetMap), and so for that you would need to look into one of those services and see if they provide the ability to download and store the data locally.

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Thank you! This, i was looking for.