Integrate custom optimization endpoint in docker ors

Hi there,

I’ve installed openrouteservice and vroom with docker and all works well, in fact if I make a request on localhost:8080/ors/routes the response return me correct and if I use vroom-express on localhost:3000 it return me correct optimization response.

What I’m asking for is if there is a chance to create custom endpoint on localhost:8080/ors/optimization (for example) that I can use to make optmization request, like you do yet with your static endpoint

thanks a lot.

Congrats:) Btw use the /v2 endpoints, see the API docu.

Just put your favorite Web Server, Apache or nginx usually, in front of all the services to map URLs to endpoints.


I’ve tryied with http://localhost:8080/v2/routing/driving-car?start=8.681495,49.41461&end=8.687872,49.420318,

but return me a 404, what I’m missing?

the endpoint name should be directions{profile}/post


this is the endpoint now


but this is the response:

there is something that I need to change in app.config?

Ah, if your other endpoint is available under localhost:8080/ors/routes maybe try localhost:8080/ors/v2/directions. If that isn’t working one of the backend guys needs to help you out :slight_smile:


now all works, thanks.