Imported route changes when intermediate waypoint is added

Hello - I’m enjoying learning how to use ORS, but there’s one thing I can’t achieve. Perhaps you can tell me if it is possible. I have imported a long coastal trail path using GPX. I only want to use the second half, but when I add a new waypoint to the centre, or try to move the original start point to the centre, the route for the second half changes and becomes a more direct route between the two points. Is there a way of telling ORS ‘I don’t want you to change my route, just allow me to add or remove waypoints’? Thanks!

Hi @calculon,

if you are doing this in the webclient, you could remove the generated waypoints until only the ones of the second half are left. But maybe that won’t work as expected.

could you maybe provide a screenshot of the problem, the gpx you try to import or a link to the route (even the wrong one)?

Best regards

Hi Amandus

I don’t know if these screenshots have worked or not…

The first one shows the imported route

The second shows an added central waypoint, with the intention of deleting the western half of the trail. But (I hope) you can see the trail has rerouted as the waypoint is added!

This is a link to the file.

I think I understand your point about removing points from the file - but I don’t know how I would know which ones to remove!

Thanks for your help, please tell me if the pictures didn’t upload.

QGis is a free and open source GIS, which would allow you to graphically edit your GPX-file. Then you can see where you would cut it in half, and save the half you’re interested in as a new file.

I’ll admit it does have a bit of a learning curve, if you’re not familiar with that sort of thing.