How to skip routes which cannot be found?


I am using the ORS Tools plugin in QGIS to calculate distance and travel times between Origin-Destination points. I have a OpenRouteService instance for North America installed on my laptop.
Some of the points pairs I am trying to route have Origins on islands and Destinations on continent or vice versa.
I keep getting Route could not be found - Unable to find a route between points 1 (-155.0099510 19.5175880) and 2 (-156.4926780 20.8798410) and indeed, I tried to find a route between this 2 points online and is not available. I have set feature to avoid - ferries, but that did not work.

Is there any option to just skip routes that could not be found and continue with those that can be found?


no, there is no such option.
I’d recommend removing such pairs from the data you’re using to query ors.

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Hi @UsulPaul,

i just want to mention that the plugin is open source and we are always happy about contributions.
We want to make the processing fail gracefully at some point while keeping the already calculated things, but its no high priority for us, so no timeframe of when this will be implemented.

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