How to implement places and route api on local server

hey there, I need to implement the routes and autocomplete places api on a server to use in our apps and websites, first I need to know how should I do that ? do I need a linux server ? a link to the materials should be enough, and second it’s been written that Specific restrictions may apply depending on your server and network infrastructure, I wanted to know what these restrictions might be ?

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the openrouteservice is responsible for calculating routes - see the backend documentation for installation instructions.

The places api is served by the openpoiservice - it’s installation instructions can be found on github.

I don’t think you technically need one, but it will probably be a lot easier to get stuff running on linux than on windows or mac.

What do you mean by the following? If you point out this statement, we can try to provide detail :slight_smile:

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hi, thank you for responding, by Specific restrictions may apply I mean the notes in the Plans | Openrouteservice page, and is it possible to implement places API on my own backend server, too ? to use in our products which we might use +10k times a day.

Hi @morteza_tagipoor,

the specific restrictions are the limitations of your server and network (hard disk space, RAM, network speed, etc.). So if your server has low RAM, you might not be able to host all profiles simultaneously for the Area you want to.
Also see system requirements for ORS.

as jakob pointed out above, yes you can, it’s open source but in a different repository.

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