How to find whether a property is within an isochrone

Dear ORS team and community members,

I have started to learn Python and use ORS (API) to run analysis similar to one in the Examples (apartment search with openrouteservice | Openrouteservice).

I am wondering if it is somehow possible to find whether some properties fall (are located) in an isochrone which I have set ORS/API to produce. To use the San Francisco example, I would like to show some sales transactions comparables from my list, in the same map together with the locations of kindergartens/super markets.

I could do manually with small data set but if you happen to know some sample coding (preferred) or a library available that can achieve the goal, could you please advise?

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Hi @EKT48,

you could use e.g. shapely and geopandas in python to do this:

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Hi @amandus

Thank you so much for your prompt responses! I will be looking into right now.