Hiking Profile avoids a path

Hello everyone and thank you in advance for your awesome work.

I’m trying to develop an app that suggests itineraries to reach the waterfalls on my island.

I’ve been heavily contributing to OSM to make sure all the paths to the waterfalls are available.

So far I got great results using openrouteservice with the hiking profile. However, I recently found a path that the router refuses to use, even though I double-checked being correctly tagged and connected to the main highway.

The way has been there for 9 months already so I exclude it has still not been processed in the database.

Any idea on what could be causing the issue?

Hi @Tepepaz,

this is due to the sac_scale tag.

This topic should sum up all the info you need.

Best regards


Thank you @amandus for your input! I had suspected the issue was related to the SAC scale and I had already provided to lower the difficulty of the path to T4. I simply need to wait for the changes to propagate onto ORS now.