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I have some problems to decide in Hiking profile between the preference “Fastest” or “Shortest”. Take a Look at the example below. With the default option, the calculating route makes a branch down and then come up back to the trail (see pictures). This costs a hiker lot of time because the increase / heighmeters. So for me this not the “fastest”. Interessting, if you change to “shortest”, then the trail is complete ok.

But I also use all the time “Fastest”, because “shortest” sometimes makes “funny” routes… Is there maybe in a future a way to say, don’t use to many useless heighmeters or something like that?

curl -X POST
-H ‘Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8’
-H ‘Accept: application/json, application/geo+json, application/gpx+xml, img/png; charset=utf-8’
-H ‘Authorization: #’
-d ‘{“coordinates”:[[7.84355,46.3125],[7.91865,46.3096]]}’




currently, the ORS does not use height information for route calculation.
We recently had a discussion around the hiking times reported by the ors. This is a short summary of this discussion, and while we might change the hiking time estimates, this probably won’t be used to affect routing in the near future.

In your case, I’m assuming that the strange-looking result stems from some ways on the shortest route being (possibly wrongly so) tagged with an sac-scale higher than hiking, resulting in a way lower speed.

If you know the area, feel free to correct the tagging of sac-scale to improve routing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer! So the profile “foot-hiking” profile dosen’t go over the sac-scale 1? It is possible to override as an option by a Direction Request?


the foot-walking profile only uses ways with a SAC-scale up to and including hiking (T1).
The foot-hiking profile will use ways with a SAC-scale up to and including alpine hiking (T4).

It is currently not possible to override this by the request.

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