Help Newbie Install Openrouteservice

Hello all,

I am feeling overwhelmed …

I am hoping to install Openroute Service on a community website as an open source option for travel directions - encouraging cycling and walking …

I am not sure if your git repository provides a version of your out of the box or how much configuration is required?

I have experience working with OSM, my web programming skills do not include Python … so this will be a bit of learning curve.

I have currently installed python on my server and have cloned the project in a public directory. If I try to open the ‘basic_example.ipynb’ in my browser I just get the source code.

Thanks for any help I can get with this.


Hi Jacob,

hui, I think you’re throwing a few concepts in one pot here. I know, this whole thing can be super confusing and intimidating.

Generally, there is no other web language than Javascript. A Jupyter notebook really only converts Python output to HTML & JS. To open those, you have to have a Jupyter server running on your server (really easy, just google a little). But that will always be inside a Jupyter environment. See our example repository with the requirements.txt so you can install directly locally:

Now, ors-py is a client and does nothing more than sending requests to a server running Openrouteservice, which is our backend, i.e. the actual routing software (also installable via Docker).

Then we have our web app, which is written in AngularJS. But mind you, that’s also only a client, like ors-py. It doesn’t come with the routing software. Also that is open-source though, but can’t tell you how tricky it is to set up, never tried it myself:

All these clients are set up to use our ORS hosted version by default, which obviously comes with request limits, which can be prohibitive if you want it to be a public-facing website. So if you reeeeally wanna go down that route, best to install ORS via Docker (s. above) on your own server. Be aware, this needs considerable resources with RAM of >= 200% of the PBF you want to load (though there’s many options to use less RAM). If you don’t have experience in this whole environment it’s likely gonna be a 2-3 weeks project.