Getting CORS error


I’m sorry that the answers to your question made you feel that way. What is meant by

is that this is a community support forum, not a paid support line. As such, you can not expect an answer within a defined amount of time.
Of course we still have an interest to help everybody with their issues, but from time to time it might take a bit longer until we get back to you.

When posting on here, you are asked to describe your problem precisely, including full requests and responses.

What you gave was a huge amount of javascript code using third-party frameworks and libraries. Remember, this is not a javascript support forum, but an openrouteservice support forum. We can help you best if what you are doing isn’t obscured, but rather raw requests.

I believe that the issue in your case was caused by a recent change to our infrastructure, causing problems, compare this thread that reports a similar problem.
These problems have been addressed by now, so your request might work.

If not, please post a minimal example of a non-working request. A cURL request or a single request to our official client would be fantastic.

On a different note, please refrain from using profane language in a public forum and state your opinion civilized.

Best regards