Get wrong path!

Hi there.
i want to use OpenRouteService/ Directions in my application.
in this page : , when i use some coordinates with my api, i recive wrong direction!!
for example i write this coordinates:
start: 36.694077,48.399799
end: 36.683415,48.397695
i get this json file:<!My-API>&start=36.694077,48.399799&end=36.683415,48.397695

and this path on map:

well, my coordinates are in iran, but the direction and markers that i receive in that picture and json file is in Russia and this is wrong! actually i must receive some place and direction in another country!

i think this must because different map image systems, just think!
what is solution?


well found the solution!
must input coordinates by format {long/lat} not {lat/long}
for every one who ha the problem