Freeway exit and interchange information


is there currently a way to get (freeway) exit numbers und interchange descriptions along with the instruction data?

We are considering using OSM and ORS for some sort of truck routing / logistics application but need slightly finer grained instruction information.

Hi sgohlke,

this is currently not supported. The information should be available, but is not processed in our application. We might consider this in the future, it is currenlty not a high priority for us. Feel free to specify exactly what you need and we can make an issue for improvement out of it on GitHub.


Hi Hendrik,

thanks for your reply und your offer!
At the moment we are still sorting things out, but it’s good to know that there might be a chance having this feature (in the future).


Hello Hendrik,
I’ve the same Problem like Stefan. The instructions in context with the Freeway are not enough.
Here are the specifications which make me really happy: As reference I take the route from “Markt Schwaben” to “Ottobrunn”

  • The turn left for entering the freeway don’t have any more information. I expected to get:
    “turn left - to A94 direction to Munich”
    (100m later there is the possibility to turn left onto the freeway in the wrong direction)
  • In the area of an interchange I get some “keep right” and “keep left” but without a text.
    I expected to get “keep left/right to A99 direction Munich South” in all the instructions.
  • Exit the freeway. Actually I get after a longer distance only the instruction “keep right” for exiting the freeway.
    I expected to get “keep left - exit freeway on exit nr 20 - Ottobrunn”
  • The situation with “keep right/left” is also on bigger roads. When I exit the freeway in Ottobrunn, there is the instruction “keep right” but without the “to St 2078” one instruction later I get this information for " Continue straight onto St 2078"
    I hope the specifications are clear to understand. My drive for this specifications is to navigate on a text based routing list without a short distance map of the forks.

Thanks and greetings,

Hey Tobi,

yes this seems understandable. We will make an issue out of this, but it will take some time to do as we have a lot of other things going on right now.


Hey Tobi,
you can track the issue here: