Export functions

Hello everyone, is it possible to export additional information like road conditions/ types and pitch? I tried activating the ‘Add to Map’ before exporting which did not have any impact.

Thanks for any suggestions


Hi @Oskar
i guess you are talking about the export route functionality on maps.openrouteservice.org ?

This is not implemented. You could use our API directly to do this by setting extra_info values.
You could also open the developer tools of your browser(F12 or strg + shift + i or from the menu)
and take a look at the response of the pdirections request in the network tab.
The dev tools have to be open before you do the request.

If you want to see this functionality in the current or new webclient file an issue in our repository.

Best regards

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Hey Amandus, thank you for your help. That’s correct I’m trying to get additional road information within the export function.
So this export function provides me with a data set of several lat/lon/alt values for a given route. Is it possible to use my API to export corresponding extra info values for the provided data?

I’m trying to build a state evaluation software for motorcycle riders so the road condition and waytypes would be very usefull information to estimate the riders situation. Thanks for any advice!

Best regards

Please go through our documentation which @amandus already linked to:

Yes it’s possible and you’ll find out there how.

Worked just fine, thanks!