Elevation parameter

While generating graphs I noticed that the elevation is generated first and it took too much time.

I don’t need elevation and before changing app…onfig and put “elevation = false” I want to be sure that changing it will not affect routing algorithms.


If you set elevation to be false, then elevation will not be stored in the graph and so you will not get any incline/decline information in your routes. As long as you do not have “consider_elevation=true” in the encoder_options for the profile though, it should not affect the build process (also ensure that you are not using the hill_index extended storage as that requires elevation data).

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Thanks for your answer Adam, any idea how i can use my all 8 cores for the generation pocess (which parameter on app.config i have to change)?

I’am using visuak=lvm and i notice that only one processor is used.