Directions output and map help

I need help understanding a few things.
The output file when getting directions for multiple stops, is this file json or geoJSON.
If it is geoJson is it compatible with other geoJson software ie maps.

Another question, when running to POST directions with given coordinates in the API playground, it provides a map of the route. Can i get this image in a web application ie. Im creating a python flask application and am trying to display the map. I run the script and return call.text which contains the data from the example but how do i display the map?

call =
    json=maps_body, headers=maps_headers)

print(call.status_code, call.reason)


Hi @brianmeaney
depends on the endpoint you are using. You can see in the API playground which enpoint provides which resource.

For your second question:
Take a look at leaflet or openlayers on how to display geometries on maps. We are using vue-leaflet. Maybe there is something similar for flask.

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