Deploying openroute and openpoiservice to the cloud

I want to deploy both these to the cloud. Do you have any good advice on how to set that cloud up?
Are there any possibilities to speed up the first generation of the data in both of them first with more compute, ram or disk and then move that to less expensive compute environment.

It also seems like if I run the docker-compose for openroute it works just fine and creates both an image and a container. But then if I delete the container and try to start it again from the image it starts fine, but does not pick up the osm file. I assume the files are stored with the container, can I store them somewhere were they are not deleted when the container is deleted? Something with volumes?

Thanks Mats


as for your first question, graph generation and running large graphs are both rather RAM-intensive. I’d mostly recommend only setting up your instance for the regions you want to use it for.

As for the second question - the docker compose command mounts a bunch of volumes, so if you’re not starting your container via docker-compose, you’ll have to mount them “by hand” in your run command.

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