Custom elevation data


I would like to use my custom data in place of the classic srtm / cgiar, I have available geo-referenced geotif(.TIF) files in the right way that cover my road graph

how can i use them? do I have to put them in a zip file that has the same name as my elevation cache automatically downloaded?
in my case only one file:
contains: srtm_39_03.tif,srtm_39_03.hdr,srtm_39_03.tfw

changing the elevation cache the graph cache should not be regenerated right?

Could it be an interesting feature support to custom elevation provider

just try it and let us know. We have no experience at all using different elevation providers. I’d figure that you need to use the same name as the tile would have for cgiar. Also of course the same CRS. Other than that it might just work, a tif is a tif…

And no: graph rebuild is required when changing elevation files.

Check out Graphhopper:

Yep, for in-code solutions. I’d guess you can hack it though if you pretend to have CGIAR by putting it into the elevation_cache folder and giving the file the same name it’d have had with CGIAR. Obviously has its limitations, e.g. not sure what happens if multiple own tiles overlap with a cgiar tile.

Anyways @stefcud, should be even easy to infer from the GH code what’s possible and what not without touching the code. Else good old trial & error.

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