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I am trying an accessibility analysis for foot-hiking or cycling-mountain with the following parameters:

	"locations": [
		[6.633008, 49.838033]
	"range_type": "time",
	"range": [2460],
	"interval": 300,
	"location_type": "start",
	"attributes": ["area", "reachfactor", "total_pop"]

the Error code:

	"error": {
		"code": 3099,
		"message": "Unable to compute isochrone total_pop attribute."
	"info": {
		"engine": {
			"version": "6.4.3",
			"build_date": "2021-05-11T10:13:47Z"
		"timestamp": 1621329453192

If I try the profiles foot-walking or cycling-regular it works.
Why is it not possible to compute the isochrone total_pop attribute for foot-hiking or cycling-mountain?

Thanks Sven

Hi @sven ,

Thank you for the feedback!
We will investigate and get back to you.

seems to happen with cycling-road, cycling-mountain, cycling-electric and foot-hiking

Best regards

Turns out it was a missing configuration on a new server - all back up and working now

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I can confirm that the profiles are running fine again, even in isochronous mode.
Here my new test site: Kulturdatenbank der Region Trier
Many thanks for the quick help!