Configuration properties value meaning


Where can I for instance find out what “recommended” for weightings means, or what unit is maximum_distance in?

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Hi @Fredrik ,

what “recommended” means exactly, depends on which profile you are using. For car, recommendes corresponds to fastest route. Bike and pedestrian profiles are more complex. They prefer, e.g., designated bike lanes or sidewalks.

The unit of maximum_distance should be meters.

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Hi @sascha,

Ok. I’m trying to figure out how hgv profile differ from car with default configuration.
I can see that hgv doesn’t use landmarks in routing, and that car uses “fastest,shortest” for weightings opposed to hgv which uses “recommended,shortest”.

Other property value meanings I would like to know more about are:
“RoadAccessRestrictions”: {
“use_for_warnings”: true
“HeavyVehicle”: {
“restrictions”: true

Is this documented somewhere or should I just look in the code?

Hi @Fredrik ,

most of the options should be documented here:

In case you find something undocumented, we are happy if you file a bug.

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