Change the "find radius" parameter in ORS Tools QGIS

So once again I don’t know what I’m doing. :thinking:

Using the QGIS plugin to get directions from Points 2 Layers, I keep receiving the following error.

“Route from Cedar Bluff Reservoir to Okmulgee Creek Site 1 Reservoir OK caused a ApiError:
404 ({“error”:{“code”:2010,“message”:“Could not find point 1: -95.9358120 35.6665870 within a radius of 350.0 meters.”},“info”:{“engine”:{“version”:“6.2.0”,“build_date”:“2020-07-20T07:00:32Z”},“timestamp”:1596048800254}})”

I know what the error means and why it is occuring, but I need to be able to increase the radius to a larger number. I don’t see this ability in parameters portion of the dialog box that comes up in QGIS IRS Tools. How do I set this?

Below is the information that shows up first in the log to “build” the request, no radius information or setting can be seen.

QGIS version: 3.12.2-București

QGIS code revision: 8a1fb33634

Qt version: 5.12.3

GDAL version: 2.4.1

GEOS version: 3.7.2-CAPI-1.11.2 b55d2125

PROJ version: Rel. 5.2.0, September 15th, 2018

Processing algorithm…

Algorithm ‘Directions From Points 2 Layers’ starting…

Input parameters:

{ ‘INPUT_END_FIELD’ : ‘Lake’, ‘INPUT_END_LAYER’ : ‘/Users/xx/Desktop/Lake Distances/NO ZM Lakes.shp|layername=NO ZM Lakes’, ‘INPUT_MODE’ : 1, ‘INPUT_PREFERENCE’ : 1, ‘INPUT_PROFILE’ : 0, ‘INPUT_PROVIDER’ : 0, ‘INPUT_START_FIELD’ : ‘lake’, ‘INPUT_START_LAYER’ : ‘/Users/xx/Desktop/Lake Distances/All ZM Lakes/All ZM Lakes No Dups.shp’, ‘OUTPUT’ : ‘TEMPORARY_OUTPUT’ }

Hi @gwfami2,
the search radius is a hard coded value in a config file, and not something that can be altered within a request. If you are using our API service ( then this value is fixed and cannot be modified. If you are using your own local installation of openrouteservice, then the value can be changed in the app.config file under maximum_snapping_radius.

Thanks. I attempted to do a local installation of ORS using Docker. Was able to get Docker running but was never able to quite figure out how to get ORS running locally. Followed the various instructions on the net, but they didn’t seem to work, so I guess I’m out of luck.