Cannot route the trail which has no sac_scale tag in OpenStreetMap

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I cannot route the trail by hiking profile with the direction api. The trail has no sac_scale tag in OpenStreetMap, so I think it should be routable. Are there other factors causing this issue?小徑,ML,台灣/小徑,ML,台灣/data/55,130,32,198,15,97,4,224,38,9,96,59,2,24,5,192,166,6,113,0,184,64,70,0,153,240,14,144,129,153,200,3,128,118,0,24,3,98,160,86,124,235,185,154,1,164,32,22,19,200,4,225,171,217,179,81,229,10,14,101,92,128,110,34,164,41,10,144,208,121,53,85,4,247,228,38,167,86,163,9,212,44,207,136,46,32,32,0,117,79,2,34,108,57,64,2,242,128,22,215,62,109,33,175,64,128,6,111,0,3,110,139,130,0,21,10,128,11,64,1,111,0,13,100,128,14,97,107,237,14,128,30,129,152,134,6,23,129,153,14,238,238,136,139,14,139,2,0,11,229,84,0



it might be related to this issue describing a problem with “layered” access values (as in the title).

The tagging has changed from the one described in the issue, but that change might not have made it into the data the ors is currently running on.
In this case, it should go away with the coming data update sometime soon.

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