Cannot find point with negatives cords

i’m trying to get a basic route between two points in python, like this:

openrouteservice points

But in python and API playground page i always get this error message:
“Cannot find point 0: -56.138763,-34.75064; Cannot find point 1: -56.171722,-34.831841”

These points are from Montevideo, Uruguay. I don’t know what is wrong :frowning:

I use the example code:

import openrouteservice
from openrouteservice import convert
coords = ((-34.75064, -56.138763),(-34.831841, -56.171722))
client = openrouteservice.Client(key=‘myapi_key’)
geometry = client.directions(coords)[‘routes’][0][‘geometry’]
decoded = convert.decode_polyline(geometry)
print (decoded)

ORS (like any other sensible app;)) uses [lon, lat], not [lat, lon] for coordinates. Reverse the coords and it should work.

This is the correct answer.

When you click in the map it actually lets you copy both formats. However, if you want to search by coordinates, it’s true, it requires [lat, lon], but should be fixed in the next version.

You are correct, my bad. I just saw that and edited my post.