Can openroute do mileage?

All I want is how much mileage I did on any 1 job.
I have a LibreOffice spreadsheet that takes the postcode of my home, and the postcode of where I’ve been sent that day, to give me a journey mileage.

It used to work as follows:
I put the destination postcodes into column H (in this case H3)
The home postcode is only put in once that year in the Totals sheet cell F28.

Column R gives a whole host of stuff for that postcode, including latitude and longitude, using the geopostcode api. (R3 shown below)

Column Q filters out the Lat & Long from the rest. (Q3 shown below)_

Column S does the distance. (S3 shown).

I used a Google API until they demanded money.
So I had to go through all that dross above to get Microsoft Virtual Earth to do the same.
Their key was free once, but I’m guessing not any more, as now the mileage I get is between 2 and 5 times too big for each journey.

All I want is to get a FREE API to help me do my tax return (which is the reason for the spreadsheet) I used to do each job at the end of the week or month, and manually type in each job’s postcode “to” my own postcode, multiply by two (for return mileage) and type it into my mileage column .

Having looked at your home page, I’m beginning to think I have to go back to the “good old” days, as I can’t see which API to use here, or if it will do a distance between two points.

Hi @Fitch,

Did you see our interactive documentation yet?

you can return the distance between 2 given points (not postcodes alone) even without the geometry if you don’t need it, using the directions endpoint.
If you have multiple points for all your jobs already you could also use the matrix endpoint.
You can sign up for a free key and see if the api fits your needs.

best regards