Can I look for point in greater radius than 350m?


I’m trying to compute distances and durations for multiple coordinate sets but some points are in the sea or somewhere far off any road, so most of the queries don’t return any values.

For example when I try these:

[1] 44.40088 33.34058

[1] 44 33

I get this error code:

Fehler: Openrouteservice API request failed
[2010] Could not find point 1: 97.5870135 17.8343746 within a radius of 350.0 meters.

Is there any way I can compute the closest valid coordinates or increase the radius to be greater than 350m?

thanks in advance

Please always paste actual requests in curl! I don’t know how to reproduce otherwise.

Well, we don’t have a lookup service that returns nearest roads. We sorta expect you to know what you’re doing. If you really, really need to, you can set the radiuses parameter:{profile}/geojson/post

But please be careful with that. If you increase it too much, our servers go down.