Calculation of min range


We are using openroutes for our restaurants to check the delivery radius.
For that, we would like to know more about the calculation of the minute range - in that case, by car.
Is it based on low or high traffic, specific daytimes and days etc.

Looking forward to the answer.

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the openrouteservice doesn’t take traffic, daytime, traffic lights or other dynamic “roadevents” into account.

Road speeds (and correspondingly, time) are mainly derived from the profile and parameters, the road type and (for some combination of these) the road surface.

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Thank you very much.

Do you have data on the deviation between “real driving time” and “openroute service driving time”.
I would be happy if you have data that is not representative but shows trends.

But in general, we can say that openroute data shows a higher correlation with real data in areas with less traffic volatility and fewer traffic jams. That would mean that in outlying areas, the openroutes data is more accurate.

What are your thoughts on that?



as far as I know, we don’t have any data on that.

Stating that

does that mean that you have data regarding this?

I’d also expect real drive times to be a bit higher than the ones calculated by openrouteservice, especially for short routes in high-density urban areas.

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The only ‘data’ I have on this, is my own experiences. I’m using ORS mainly to be able to avoid having to use the big g, which works pretty well by now :wink: So I’m using ORS a lot to determine how much time I need to reserve to get somewhere, and I’ve found the driving times that ORS predicts pretty much spot on.
Traffic and roadworks are the biggest causes of longer times, traffic lights not noticable tbh. So

Yes, I’d agree, but unless major incidents happen, it would be measured in minutes at most, unless you’re in the middle of prime commuting times. In that case I’d say all bets are off, depending on how densely populated the area is (cities…)