Avoid polygons on local ORS instance

Hello, I am setting up a local ORS instance with the maps of Madrid loaded. Everything is working correctly, and I am making some Python scripts to get different kinds of routes, but cannot make to work the avoid_polygons feature. My code is the following:
import openrouteservice

coords = ((-3.6883, 40.4532), (-3.71088, 40.42345))

client = openrouteservice.Client(base_url=‘’)

routes = client.directions(coords, options= {“avoid_polygons”: {“type”: “Polygon”, “coordinates”:
[-3.6892, 40.4466],
[-3.7008, 40.4471],
[-3.7017, 40.4379],
[-3.6887, 40.4373]
And I get a syntax error that ‘avoid_polygons’ has an incorrect value.

Thank You for the help.