API v1 deprecation (Removal 30.10.2020)

Dear users,

as of now the original V1 API endpoints for directions, isochrones and matrix are officialy deprecated.
They will be removed on the 30.10.2020.

This will only affect the endpoints:

  • /directions (GET)
  • /isochrones (GET)
  • /matrix (GET/POST)

Please migrate to the up to date V2 endpoints if you are still using one of the above:

  • /v2/directions/{profile} (GET/POST)
  • /v2/directions/{profile}/geojson
  • /v2/directions/{profile}/gpx
  • /v2/directions/{profile}/json
  • /v2/isochrones/{profile}
  • /v2/matrix/{profile}

For example, rather than querying https://api.openrouteservice.org/matrix?profile=driving-car you would now need to query https://api.openrouteservice/v2/matrix/driving-car.

Also, all V2 endpoints require a POST method rather than GET, with the request information within the request body. Examples can be found on our interactive documentation.

There is also a Wiki page that gives some examples for moving from the V1 API to V2.

We have taken measures to inform V1 api users directly, so hopefully all of you will have switched until the end of october.

All other endpoints will remain available.

Happy routing! :red_car: :bike: :walking_woman: